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EuroComment Priorities Group

This is a new initiative. The group will meet six times a year in Brussels. Each meeting will begin in the late afternoon and continue over dinner. The participants will be drawn from a list composed of EuroComment’s authors, Coreper ambassadors, senior officials in the Commission, the Council and Parliament and representatives of the business community, the media and the academic world. The debate will be off the record, but the chairman will ensure that everybody on the list of members who cannot attend a particular meeting receives a short account of it afterwards.

Like the monthly commentaries, the programme will be organised around the Leaders’ Agenda as it is, might become or ought to be. EuroComment’s authors will introduce the discussion, but the central feature of every meeting will be a free, uninhibited and off the record debate about the most important questions currently confronting the EU.  The group will therefore function as an anchor for the monthly commentaries, providing our authors with ideas and subjecting their work to continuous peer pressure. And it will also offer all the participants an opportunity to engage in the continuous dialogue amongst the EU’s leaders, which is the hallmark of the EU’s system of government.  

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