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EuroComment Priorities Group

The new EU Priorities Group is intended to become the fulcrum of EuroComment’s publications and meetings programme. Composed of Coreper ambassadors, senior officials in the other EU institutions, representatives of the corporate sector and the authors and editorial advisers whom EuroComment is currently recruiting in connection with its publications programme, it will meet physically in Brussels nine times a year. In order to ensure that there is a genuine discussion, the number of participants will be limited.


Each meeting will take the form of a working dinner and the discussions, which will be introduced by the authors of EuroComment’s Monthly Review, will focus on the Leaders’ Agenda.  As this agenda reflects the priorities of the leaders of 27 sovereign states as well as the president of the Commission and is more often than not events-driven, the subject matter of the discussions is bound to vary. 


Meetings will be off the record and the Chatham House rule will apply.


The programme will be financed by corporate members’ subscriptions.

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