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Dialogue Group

In 2012, against the background of the euro crisis, EuroComment launched a highly successful dialogue programme involving both public and private actors.


The centrepiece of the programme until 2020 was a series of four to six dialogue meetings a year in Brussels and member state capitals. Each meeting involved a working session of approximately 3 hours plus a working dinner of approximately the same length. The number of participants varied between 15 and 25, of whom up to 15 came from the private sector and more particularly the financial markets, 5 from the EU institutions and/or member state governments and up to 5 were independent experts, including the chairman, Peter Ludlow. In 2020, physical meetings became impossible and were replaced by a series of video conferences.

In the post-Covid phase we plan to hold six physical meetings per annum, in Brussels, Luxembourg, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and Rome.


The programme is financed by members’ subscriptions.

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