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European Strategy Forum

The ESF is by invitation only

The European Strategy Forum has established itself as a preferred meeting place of top policymakers linked with or close to the European Council, senior officials in the other EU institutions, representatives of the EU’s more important global partners and senior figures from the business world, academia and the media.


One of our corporate participants recently described the Forum as ‘the gold standard’ for EU-related meetings. We are inclined to agree. There are furthermore several fairly obvious explanations of why this is so. Firstly, and by no means least, the meetings take place in exclusive and very beautiful settings. Secondly, the programmes enable participants to reflect upon the most important issues on the EU’s agenda. Thirdly, and most important of all, the composition and size of the group ensure that the debate is entirely confidential, extremely well-informed and highly relevant. Two thirds or more of the 30/35 participants at every meeting are either current or recent insiders, who know how the EU system works and what it can and cannot deliver.


The ESF used to meet three or four times a year in the pre-Covid era and our plan is to revert to this schedule as soon as possible.


Peter Ludlow will co-chair every meeting together with one of EuroComment’s Senior Advisers.

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