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About EuroComment

EuroComment has for 22 years published electronic briefing notes on every meeting of the European Council, the core of the European system of government.

It has also organised a series of high-level discussion groups - the European Strategy Forum and the Dialogue Group.

To find out more about the groups please go to the Meeting Programme page.

Otmar Issing

Goethe University, Frankfurt
Former Chief Economist and Member of the Board of the ECB

“For anybody trying to understand what is going on in “Brussels“ behind the scene and why decisions are taken Peter Ludlowˋs Reports are indispensable.”

Derek Beach

Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University

“The Eurocomment briefings are the closest that one can get to being in the room during European Councils and the preparation. In doing extensive field research on the European Council and its role in crisis governance in the past decade, we have found numerous other forms of evidence that always corroborated the accounts by Ludlow. Well-written and focused on key developments, the briefings are an invaluable account of what took place behind closed doors, and why.”

Dan Costello

Canadian ambassador to the EU, 2015-2019

“These outstanding briefings seem to sweep us right into the Europa building for a seat at the table with the European Council. Perhaps more importantly, they always offer clear and thoughtful insight on the positions, interests and objectives of the leaders there gathered, and of their teams behind the scenes, in Brussels and in their capitals.”
Peter Ludlow

Peter Ludlow has been closely involved with EU affairs for over forty years.

Educated at Oxford, Cambridge and Göttingen, Peter Ludlow taught international history in the University of London from 1966-1976. In 1976, he became a professor of history at the European University Institute in Florence, where he remained until 1981, when he was invited to become the founding director of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.

He retired from CEPS in 2001 and has since spent most of his time writing and lecturing and speaking in many parts of the world. He has also acted as consultant to official institutions and private companies.

Peter Ludlow is president of the European Strategy Forum, which he and Antonio Vitorino founded in 2006.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on international history and the policies, politics and institutions of the European Union. His substantial analyses of every meeting of the European Council are widely read by EU insiders in and beyond Brussels. (for a list of publications click here)

Peter Ludlow has been awarded many prizes and fellowships including the Prix Europe of 1999 from L’Academie des Marches de l’Est in Strasbourg, for his services to European integration.

The Monthly Commentary: Authors and Advisers as of mid February 2023

  • Peter Ludlow, Chairman EuroComment

  • Poul Christoffersen, former Danish permanent representative

  • Jim Cloos, Secretary General of TEPSA, formerly Director General in EU Council Secretariat

  • Tony Connolly, Brussels correspondent of the RTE

  • Uwe Corsepius, former EU adviser of the German chancellor

  • Gilles Gressani and others associated with Le Grand Continent

  • Daniel Gros, former Director of CEPS, Brussels

  • Declan Kelleher, former Irish permanent representative

  • Jacob Kierkegaard, Peterson Institute of International Economics 

  • Stefan Lehne, Carnegie Institute. Former Director General for Political Affairs in the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Beda Romano, Brussels correspondent of 24 Ore

  • Holger Schmieding, Chief Economist, Berenberg Bank

  • Jorge Vasconcelos, President of NEWES and former Energy Regulator, Portugal

  • Robert Vass, President of Globsec, Bratislava and members of Globsec’s Network

  • Pierre Vimont, Carnegie Institute, former French permanent representative and secretary general of the EEAS

  • Nicholas Whyte, Head of Global Solutions Programme, APCO, Brussels 

Members of the Editorial Board of the Annual Review


  • Piers Ludlow, Professor of International History at the LSE

  • Emmanuel Morlon-Druol, Professor of History of European Integration, EUI, Florence

  • Andreas Rödder, Professor of Contemporary History, Mainz

  • Mateusz Szczurek, Professor of Economics, Warsaw

  • Jan Van der Harst, Professor of European Integration, Groningen

  • Laurent Warlouzet. Professor of European Integration History at the Sorbonne

  • Andreas Wirsching, Professor, Director of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich (tbc)

The EuroComment Network
Contributors to the Monthly Commentary on the EU Leaders' Agenda and the Editorial Board of the Annual Review
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