EuroComment Dialogue Group


EuroComment’s stock in trade is, and will remain, independent, well-informed analysis of EU politics at the highest level. Against the background of the euro crisis we launched a highly successful dialogue programme involving both public and private actors.

The centrepiece of this programme is a series of four or five dialogue meetings a year. Each meeting involves a working session of approximately 3 hours plus a working dinner of 2-3 hours. The number of participants will never exceed 25, of whom up to 12 will come from banks, pension funds, mutual funds and other investment groups, and 5-8 from the EU institutions and member state governments. There will also be up to 7 independent experts, including the chairman, Peter Ludlow.

Every meeting will be an off the record gathering of peers, all of whom can be expected to have something to contribute and from whom everybody else should be able to learn. What we want to initiate in other words is a mutual learning process based on an uninhibited exchange of views.

This programme has operated successfully for the last 12 years but with the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown we have had to adapt to the new circumstances. Meetings planned from February on were cancelled and since the last meeting of the Dialogue Group in Madrid in January we have held 9 virtual meetings. These 90 minute sessions with senior officials in the EU institutions and different government departments have been extremely informative and focused and the virtual format has not inhibited group members from asking searching questions and making comments.

Future Plans

If this combination of virtual meetings, to which several different staff members can attend at the same time, and real meetings, limited to one staff member from each organisation is interesting to your company please contact us through the link on the website. Peter Ludlow’s expert analysis of each meeting of the European Council now published by Leuven University Press as “European Council Studies” is also included in Dialogue Group membership.

If you feel that your company could benefit from exchanges with policy makers in these capitals and that insights into the decision making process in Brussels and elsewhere could enhance your understanding of the conditions for business in the EU please contact us. If interested just in the written analyses of European Council please contact Leuven University Press.

June/July meetings

Now that travel is easier, we propose to hold five Dialogue Group meetings a year of the kind that we used to hold before the pandemic. We will however continue to organise up to twelve video meetings per annum.

The meetings in June and July are listed below. All of them begin at 16.30 unless otherwise stated


10. Maarten Verwey, Director General, DG ECFIN, European Commission. The economic consequences of the Ukraine War.

16. Robert de Groot, Dutch Permanent Representative and Pedro Lourtie, Portuguese Permanent Representative. The Future of Europe beyond the Conference on the Future of Europe.

21. Kim Joergensen, Chef de Cabinet of Margarethe Vestager. EU-US cooperation in Trade and Technology after the Paris meeting.

01. Simon Mordue, Chief diplomatic adviser to President Michel. The EU, the War in Ukraine and European Security.

Physical meeting in Brussels, Stanhope Hotel, 14 July
The EU’s Recovery Programme: an interim assessment

16.00. Martin Verwey, Director General, DG ECFIN and Gert Jan Koopman, Director General of DG Budget. The Recovery Programme so far. 

17.45Declan Costello, Director General, DG ECFIN and senior officials from Italy and/or Spain.  The RRF in the South: progress, impediments, surveillance and credibility.


20.00. Dinner.  Celine Gauer, Director General, Recovery and Resilience Task Force, Tuomas Saarenheimo, President Eurogroup Working Group. Improving and building on the Recovery Programme.

Contact us if you feel that your company could benefit from membership of the Dialogue Group.