EuroComment Dialogue Group


The first meeting of 2017 will be held in Madrid on February 16. Speakers will include the Secretary of State for the Budget and a representative of the Bank of Spain. We also plan a new series of briefings and discussion on Brexit. Click here for detailed information on this new group.

EuroComment’s stock in trade is, and will remain, independent, well-informed analysis of EU politics at the highest level. Against the background of the euro crisis, in which the mutual ignorance of EU policymakers and decision-makers in the markets has been so apparent so frequently, we believe that EuroComment’s expertise is relevant and useful to the corporate sector and more particularly the investment community, as well as EU policy makers. We have therefore started a new programme based on dialogue as well as analysis.


The centrepiece of this new programme is a series of four or five dialogue meetings a year. Each meeting involves a working session of approximately 3 hours plus a working dinner of 2-3 hours. The number of participants will never exceed 25, of whom up to 12 will come from banks, pension funds, mutual funds and other investment groups, and 5-8 from the EU institutions and member state governments. There will also be up to 7 independent experts, including the chairman, Peter Ludlow.

Every meeting will be an off the record gathering of peers, all of whom can be expected to have something to contribute and from whom everybody else should be able to learn. What we want to initiate in other words is a mutual learning process based on an uninhibited exchange of views.

The last meeting of dialogue group was held in Berlin on June 10. There will be further meetings in the Autumn in Paris and Athens.


Subscribers to the programme receive all Eurocomment’s publications.

Applications to Join

We are pleased to say that the response to this initiative has been very positive. Eleven major companies in the financial services sector have already enrolled and we should therefore reach our self-imposed ceiling of twelve in the first group shortly. Companies interested in taking up the last available place are welcome to contact us. Given the early success of the programme we are however planning to establish further groups.