Brexit Briefings

The third Brexit Briefing at the Athenaeum Club in London on 19 January was an intense and thought- provoking session. Participants were briefed on the present state of play in the relationship between EU27 and the UK.

  •  The European Council on December 15, 2017 had decided that there had been sufficient progress in part 1 of the negotiations to move to part 2. This will be concerned with:
    - Putting into legal form the agreements reached on citizens’ rights, money, Ireland.
    - Negotiating a transition agreement to last from UK exit date March 2019  for approx. 21 months
    - Negotiating the framework of the future relationship. This will NOT be a trade agreement but a set of governing principles. This phase can only begin if and when the UK gives a clearer picture of what kind of relationship it wants.
  • The rest of the morning was spent on the economic costs of Brexit which are already being seen.
  • The process – demonstrating how and why EU 27 is maintaining its unity.
  • The prospects for the next stage of the negotiations
  • The main feeling of the meeting was that the UK had very little room for manoeuvre and it would be better to recognise this sooner rather than later. In the short term, the UK would be well-advised to accept what will inevitably be a poor outcome as far as trade is concerned and focus instead on ways of cooperating in other areas, such as research, justice and home affairs and security and defence

The next Brexit Briefing in London will take place on April 13 at the Athenaeum Club, 107 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ER. Contact if you are interested in attending. This is a roundtable meeting with a group of speakers who are well plugged in to the viewpoint of the 27 member states of the EU. The fee is €1500 though there is a discount for clients of EuroComment and our partners Llewellyn Consulting.