How to receive our publications?What are the subscription rates? Check our F.A.Q. and get answers.

Q. How can we access the publications?

A. They are sent directly to your email address as soon as they are published. You can also use your personal codes to download the latest 6 publications from the website.

Q. How do I get the necessary codes?

A. Send request via the website

Q. How much does a subscription cost?

A. Prices vary according to age and organisation. See subscription page for guidelines. Send a request for a personal quotation

Q Who is invited to the Brussels briefings?

A All Brussels based subscribers or subscribers who ask to be added to the invitation list.

Q.What are the sources for Eurocomment’s publications?

A. Published documents produced by EU institutions, unpublished notes provided by organisations involved in the meetings, extensive interviews in person or by phone during or immediately after each meeting of the European Council with senior officials involved.