European Strategy Forum June 2018

Migration Policy and Mediterranean Security 

Nobody who took part in the European Strategy Forum meeting in Dubrovnik on 7-9 June was under any illusions about the scale of the challenge confronting the EU and its member states. Driven by many, variegated forces, large numbers of migrants from outside Europe are likely to press for admission for decades to come, while inside the Union populists will doubtless continue to exploit the fears which migrant inflows provoke and frustrate the efforts of mainstream politicians to fashion a response which is humane as well as firm. The Italian interior minister’s refusal to allow the migrant-laden ship Aquarius to disembark its passengers at an Italian port occurred a day after our meeting finished. The difficulties which Matteo Salvini and his allies are likely to cause the EU were already in our thoughts however before what he boastfully described as his first major ‘victory’.

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