“Peter Ludlow is an exceptionally shrewd observer of the European Council meetings, the main political stage of the Union. Like no-one else he understands the mechanisms of undertaking decisions and what happens behind the scenes before they are taken. Only he is able to write about them with such surgical precision, compellingly and with a great sense of humour.”

President Donald Tusk
Former President of the European Council
President of the EPP Political Group

“No one will be able to write a history of the European Council, and therefore of the Union, without consulting Peter Ludlow’s Eurocomments. An invaluable source of information and insight.”

Herman Van Rompuy
President Emeritus European Council 
Minister of State
President of the European Policy Centre

“For anybody trying to understand what is going on in “Brussels“ behind the scene and why decisions are taken Peter Ludlowˋs Reports are indispensable.”

Otmar Issing,
Goethe University, Frankfurt
Former Chief Economist and Member of the Board of the ECB

“EuroComment’s notes are an extraordinary window on Europe’s top table. Everybody who knows how closely they are read by summit participants understands their unrivalled value.”

Alex Barker,
Financial Times and former head of the FT’s Brussels Bureau

“The Eurocomment briefings are the closest that one can get to being in the room during European Councils and the preparation. In doing extensive field research on the European Council and its role in crisis governance in the past decade, we have found numerous other forms of evidence that always corroborated the accounts by Ludlow. Well-written and focused on key developments, the briefings are an invaluable account of what took place behind closed doors, and why.”

Derek Beach,
Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University

“These outstanding briefings seem to sweep us right into the Europa building for a seat at the table with the European Council. Perhaps more importantly, they always offer clear and thoughtful insight on the positions, interests and objectives of the leaders there gathered, and of their teams behind the scenes, in Brussels and in their capitals.”

Dan Costello,
Canadian ambassador to the EU, 2015-2019

“Kremlinology is a dead science, but Justuslipsiusology (it has kept its old name despite the change of building) is thriving, with Peter Ludlow and his team as undisputed masters. Their accounts of the EU summits are true European public goods.”

Jean Pisani-Ferry
Founding Director and Senior Fellow, Bruegel Institute.
Professor at the European University Institute in Florence and at Sciences Po in Paris.

“The Eurocomment briefings provide essential insights to the operations of the European Council. Those interested in detailed, behind-the-scenes accounts of European Council negotiations would benefit greatly from consulting these briefings.”

Michele Chang
Professor, College of Europe, Bruges