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The European Council in Ypres and Brussels, 26-27 June

The June European Council will meet in both Ypres and Brussels.

The programme in Ypres will begin on the afternoon of 26 June with a visit to the museum ‘In Flanders’ Fields’ However, most of this note focuses on the three issues with which the heads of state and government themselves are likely to be most engaged in the next 48 hours: the EU’s agenda for the next five years, the choice of the next president of the Commission and the Ukrainian crisis.

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The Informal Summit of 27 May 2014

Elections in the EU and in Ukraine

The heads of state and government spent almost all their time discussing the European parliamentary elections and their implications. So too does the present paper. There is however a short section on Ukraine at the very end. As far as the EP election results were concerned, within a very short time of polling stations closing, the results were being hailed as a spectacular success for the far-right and eurosceptics. We do not subscribe to this conventional wisdom.

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The Informal Summit 27 May 2014

The dinner’s primary purpose is to enable the heads of state and government to exchange views on two elections which took place this weekend: the EU’s own parliamentary election and the presidential election in Ukraine.

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The European Council of 20-21 March 2014

The European Semester, Energy Policy, Ukraine and Africa

This evaluation of the meeting in March does not reach the Ukrainian crisis until page 26. The crisis dominated the meeting however. The debate about it over dinner was both passionate and disorderly and the paragraphs which address the crisis are clearly the most important in the Conclusions as a whole. The crisis also had an impact on the rest of the meeting, blunting whatever appetite the heads of state and government might have had for a debate about growth and jobs and re-shaping the Conclusions on energy policy.

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How To Order Phentermine Online Legally

The European Council of 20-21 March, 2014

The March European Council has always focused on economic policy since the Portuguese Presidency launched the Lisbon Strategy in March 2000. Since then, economic policy coordination procedures have evolved and this Council will take place within the framework of the European Semester, which is more focused than the ‘new, open method of coordination’ which the Lisbon Council launched.

This meeting is nevertheless unlikely to be remembered for what the heads of state and government have to say about economic policy. On the contrary, the issue which will engage the attention of the heads of state and government and the international media most will inevitably be EU policy towards Ukraine and Russia, following the latter’s annexation of Crimea.

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The Extraordinary European Council of 6 March 2014

The EU stakes out its ground on Ukraine and the media do not listen

The Ukrainian crisis is an almost perfect storm as far as the EU is concerned and commentators and reporters predisposed to look for divisions within the Union have been able to find them easily enough.  A consensus had nevertheless developed amongst the key players on the EU side by the eve of the 6 March European Council.  Developments in Ukraine and Russia and in Brussels itself on 6 March transformed the dynamics and the scope of the intra-EU discussions, however.

As a result the European Council emerged with a Statement which was- and indeed still is- the strongest and most comprehensive statement of the Western position so far. For reasons which are discussed in the paper, the fourth estate, with a few honourable exceptions, did not listen to the message, with the result that misconceptions amongst the European public and possibly even in the Russian government about where the EU stood survived.

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Can You Buy Adipex In Mexico

European Defence, Banking Union, Economic Policy Coordination, Migration and Enlargement

The European Council of 19-20 December 2013

The present paper, which is rather long, consists of three distinct sections. The first, and by far the shortest, is the synopsis. The second, which constitutes the bulk of the paper, analyses the genesis and significance of the December Council’s Conclusions paragraph by paragraph. The third, which begins on page 44 consists of my conclusions.

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The Extraordinary Meeting of 6 March 2014

Herman Van Rompuy’s decision to convene an extraordinary meeting of the heads of state and government in Brussels on 6 March was announced on Monday 3 March, which was the same day as the EU’s foreign ministers met for a special meeting of their own on the Ukrainian crisis. The coincidence was by no means accidental. On the contrary, the scope, objectives and possible outcomes of the meeting of the heads of state and government can only be understood against the background of a complex but by no means entirely haphazard European and Euro-American response to developments in and around Ukraine.

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The European Council of 19-20 December 2013

The December European Council will doubtless celebrate the SRM agreement and Mario Draghi may express the ECB’s reservations about it, but there is unlikely to be any serious debate. The most important themes of the debate will instead be:

  • The Common Security and Defence Policy and its future development.
  • Economic Policy Coordination within the framework of EMU.
  • Further cooperation with the EIB in connection with the proposed contractual arrangements as well as the SME initiative which is due to be launched in January 2014.
  • Vladimir Putin’s apparent triumph in Moscow on 17 December and how best to respond to it.
  • Military intervention in the Central African Republic, including the possibility of EU financing of this and similar operations carried out by one or several member states with the support of the EU.
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