Brussels Briefings

The briefing on the December European Council will be given by Peter Ludlow on Wednesday 19 December at the Canadian Mission to the EU at 10.30 am.  Subscribers to the publications should register at before noon on 18 December if they want to attend.

Politics and Economics of the Euro area

The annual meeting on the Politics and Economics of the Euro area took place in Lisbon on 29 November to 1 December 2018. As usual a mix of senior figures from EU institutions, member state governments and central banks will debate developments and aspirations for the Euro with commentators and analysts from academia, the media and business.

European Strategy Forum

Since 1 March 2014 the European Strategy Forum, which was founded in Portugal in 2006 has been integrated in and managed by EuroComment in Brussels. The Forum’s character and objectives remain unchanged (see 2015 programme)) and it will continue to meet up to four times a year in Croatia and Portugal, though meetings may also be held in Italy and Spain if the management committee so decides.

EuroComment is responsible for the finances of the Forum issuing and settling invoices in connection with its activities. In order to ensure continuity and enhance the quality of the meetings, EuroComment has constituted a small management committee.  Antonio Vitorino, has had to step down as co-chairman since his appointment as Director General of IOM but a new co-chairman with Peter Ludlow and Vladimir Drobnjak will be announced shortly as will a new member of the management committee.

Attendance at the ESF is by invitation only. However if you think that your company would both benefit from and be able to contribute to these confidential, high level discussions please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

European Strategy Forum

Archive Volumes

Historians and other academics interested in the evolution of the European Union over time or at one particular period may like to acquire some of the commentaries written since 2000. Send us the form requesting a quotation and we will send you a price for the papers you are interested in. See the complete list of Eurocomment papers updated to July 2016.

Latest Publications

The latest publications are the delayed analysis of the June Council and the pre-summit briefing of the December Council.

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EuroComment Dialogue Group

There have been five meetings of the Dialogue Group so far this year. In January we met in Lisbon, in April,Madrid, May, Berlin, September, Brussels and October,Paris We are planning a sixth meeting in Rome.In each capital we had discussions with government officials, central bank representatives, academic economists and political analysts in order to understand the present state of the economic and political regime and the challenges ahead. We were also able to express our concerns and give the various ministry officials and bankers an understanding of the investment community’s viewpoint.

Contact EuroComment if you would like to see the programme and think that the opportunity for discussion with senior policy makers in the main EU capitals that the dialogue group provides could be useful to your company.