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9 May: Sibiu

The informal meeting of EU27’s leaders in Sibiu on 9 May is likely to be more interesting and relevant than the dreamy and aimless public debate which has preceded it. The idea of a special meeting dedicated to the Future of Europe during the Romanian Presidency was first floated by the Commission, whose president suggested that it should take place on or immediately after Brexit Day on 29 March. It was gesture politics of the kind which the self-styled Last Chance Commission has indulged in too frequently for comfort since 2014 and was rapidly dismissed as over the top.

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10 April: Brexit round 12

Tomorrow’s special session of the European Council in article 50 formation will be the twelfth of its kind. Which says an awful lot about both the process and the mood in which those who attend the meeting will approach their task. It has been a protracted and inglorious story in which EU27 have been confronted again and again by the British government’s inability to pursue let alone conclude a consistent course.

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21-22 March: Economic Policy, Climate Change, China and Brexit

As the draft Conclusions confirm, the March European Council has a heavy and important agenda, including an unusually interesting and wide-ranging discussion of economic policy, which, if the draft Conclusions are anything to go by, will not touch on EMU, a short but significant review of where matters now stand on Climate Change and an ambitious and consequential debate about the EU’s relations with China in advance of the EU-China Summit in April. These, it might be said, are the real world issues which the heads of state and government ought to be talking about. Not Brexit.

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October, November and December: Brexit centre stage at last

The present note is a narrative in the proper sense of the term: an attempt to give meaning to a process by describing and analysing step by step what actually happened. Based on a significant number of unpublished documents as well as interviews, it is a complex but fascinating story, which is best read in its entirety. Readers who are short of time can however begin here with a highly compressed version of the final section of the paper.

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13-14 December: Everything in order except Brexit

The preparations for this week’s meetings of heads of state and government have for the most part been orderly, unexciting and productive. As it is required to do under article 3 (1) of the European Council’s Rules of Procedure, the Presidency issued an ‘annotated draft agenda’ for the meeting of the European Council in its normal formation as long ago as 5 November, together with a roadmap indicating the dates on which national delegations could expect further documents.

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June 28-29: Migration Policy, Security and Defence, Economic Policy, Brexit and the Future of the Euro 

There were three meetings rather than one: a meeting of the European Council in its normal formation on 28 June, which went on until almost 5.00 am on the following day, a Brexit breakfast at which Mrs May was not present and a Euro Summit.

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25 November: Brexit

There will be three meetings involving the EU’s heads of state and government on Sunday: an exchange of views with the president of the European Parliament, a meeting of the European Council in article 50 formation, and a session of the European Council in its normal formation, with Mrs May present.

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17-18 October: Brexit, Migration, Internal Security and the Euro

This time, Brexit really is the main story. There will be no formal negotiations, needless to say. Mrs May has been invited to explain her position. She will not however be present at the working dinner on 17 October, at which the heads of state and government will discuss Brexit.

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September 19-20 in Salzburg: Migration Policy, Internal Security and Brexit

Brexit was always likely to be on the agenda at Salzburg. Those who were responsible for planning the meeting nevertheless maintained throughout the preparatory phase that other issues would have equal if not higher status.1 It is therefore important to analyse the debate about Brexit in context and with the intentions of those who planned the meeting in mind.

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