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EuroComment has for 21 years published electronic publications on every meeting of the European Council, the core of the European system of government. The author of the Briefing Notes is Peter Ludlow, founding director of CEPS in Brussels and executive president of the European Strategy Forum. Described by the Financial Times as ‘Brussels’ ultimate insider’, Peter Ludlow has been closely involved with EU affairs for over 30 years.
From February 2020 these Briefing Notes retitled European Council Studies will be published by Leuven University Press.


    EuroComment has for 21 years published electronic briefing notes on every meeting of the European Council, the core of the European system of government. Read more


About Peter Ludlow

Described by the Financial Times, as ‘Brussels’ ultimate insider’, Peter Ludlow has been closely involved with EU affairs for over thirty years. Read more

  • Leuven University Press

    • Leuven University Press is the publishing house of KUL, the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium’s leading university and one of the leading universities of Europe. Information about its publishing policy and its long and impressive list of publications can be found on www.lup.be We are delighted to be entering into partnership with this prestigious publisher who will from 2020 onwards publish our European Council Briefing Notes and Pre-Summit Briefing Notes in its new series of European Council Studies.
  • European Council Studies

    • Online journal with print edition. European Council Studies Summit briefings & European Council Notes • covers every European Council meeting • richly documented from a wide range of sources • unique and comprehensive reference work More »
  • Brussels Briefings

    • Thursday 31 March at 10.30 CET: Peter Ludlow will give his briefing on the European Council held last week on Thursday 31 March at 10.30 am. If you or a colleague would like to attend please register so that we can send you an invitation to Google Meet. Only subscribers to EuroComment’s European Council Notes published by LUP are invited. LUP sends notice of the briefings to all subscribers and those who wish to attend should register with celudlow@gmail.com More »
  • The European Strategy Forum

    • The European Strategy Forum has established itself as a preferred meeting place of top policymakers close to members of the European Council, the permanent representatives of the EU member states, senior officials in the EU institutions, ambassadors and other representatives of the EU’s more important global partners and leading figures in the business world, academia and the media. More »
  • EuroComment Dialogue Group

    • The new Dialogue Group programme, from June to December 2021, is organised around Europe’s post Covid-19 Recovery programmes and the prospects for the EU economy. There will be eleven video meetings and two physical meetings, in Brussels and in Berlin. Starting at 15.00 and continuing over a working dinner, the Brussels meeting will provide an opportunity to take stock of the EU’s Recovery Programmes with the help of senior officials in the Council, the Commission, the ECB and the ESM and two or three independent experts. The meeting in Berlin, which will take place shortly after the formation of the first, post-Merkel government, will discuss the new administration’s priorities.


      Since the last meeting of the Dialogue Group in Madrid in January we have held virtual meetings. These 90 minute sessions with senior officials in the EU institutions and different government departments have been extremely informative and focused and the virtual format has not inhibited group members from asking searching questions and making comments.

      Because these video meetings have proved to be successful and popular with members EuroComment has decided to offer to Dialogue Group members 12 virtual meetings each year alongside the resumption of 5 real meetings in EU capitals once travel restrictions and other lockdown measures are removed.

      If this combination of virtual meetings, to which several different staff members can attend at the same time, and real meetings, limited to one staff member from each organisation is interesting to your company please contact us through the link on the website. Peter Ludlow’s expert analysis of each meeting of the European Council now published by Leuven University Press as “European Council Studies” is also included in Dialogue Group membership.

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    • Herman Van Rompuy

      “No one will be able to write a history of the European Council, and therefore of the Union, without consulting Peter Ludlow’s Eurocomments. An invaluable source... Read More »
    • Otmar Issing

      “For anybody trying to understand what is going on in “Brussels“ behind the scene and why decisions are taken Peter Ludlowˋs Reports are indispensable.” Otmar Issing,... Read More »