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EuroComment has for 17 years published electronic publications on every meeting of the European Council, the core of the European system of government.
The author of the Briefing Notes is Peter Ludlow, founding director of CEPS in Brussels and executive president of the European Strategy Forum. Described by the Financial Times as ‘Brussels’ ultimate insider’, Peter Ludlow has been closely involved with EU affairs for over 30 years.
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    EuroComment has for 17 years published electronic briefing notes on every meeting of the European Council. In the course of this period, further publications have been added to the list Read more


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About Peter Ludlow

Described by the Financial Times, as ‘Brussels’ ultimate insider’, Peter Ludlow has been closely involved with EU affairs for over thirty years. Read more

  • Brexit Briefings

    • The Brexit Briefings on 13 April discussed both the politics & economics of Brexit. Senior speakers from Brussels and London gave a sober picture of developments and several company speakers confirmed that plans were already underway to relocate parts of their business in EU countries. The conclusions of the conference can be seen in Brexit Briefing 18/2 which is available to participants at the meeting and EuroComment subscribers.
      The next Brexit Briefing at the Athenaeum Club will be in July. Contact us if you would like to attend this fee paying event. More »
  • Latest Publications List

    • Brexit Briefing 2018/2

      The main conclusions of the Briefing of 13 April The seminar discussed both the politics and the economics of Brexit. There were two sessions on the
    • European Council Briefing Note 2018/1

      February: Institutional Issues, the MFF, Martin Selmayr  The meeting on 23 February was an informal meeting of the leaders of EU27. The issues with which it
    • Pre-summit Briefing 2018/2

      22-23 March: Trade Policy, Taxation, Turkey, Russia, Brexit and EMU There will once again be three meetings rather than one this week. The first, on 22
    • Pre-summit Briefing 2018/1

      23 February: Institutions and Money  The European Council meeting on 23 February is informal and is likely to be relatively short. After a brief exchange of
    • European Council Briefing Note 2017/9

      December 2017: migration policy, the euro and Brexit  Three features of the meeting are highlighted for special mention in the conclusions at the end of the paper:
    • Pre-summit Briefing 2017/8

      14-15 December: Donald Tusk throws down the gauntlet There will be no less than three summits on Thursday and Friday: an ordinary meeting of the European Council,